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Auto Lead Pro is designed to pinpoint shoppers and build rapport while they are in the decision phase of their purchase.  Apple Auto Leads Marketing Division would like to work up an analysis for your dealership for free and with no obligations. Our goal is to see if any improvements can be made to enhance your BDC, Internet and Sales Teams.


We have found that the applicant looking for a vehicle sometimes gets turned off if they call back the number and it is a dealership.

For example, Andy is looking for a used Honda, and when he calls back the dealership answers: John Jay Toyota. There is a strong chance Andy will hang up the phone and never reply to your message. This is due to the perception that Andy thinks you only have Toyotas available.

Another example, Andy filled out an application from Auto Lead’s website, Auto Lead Pro, and is expecting a call from that website. However, Johns Auto Outlet calls back and leaves a message. There is a small chance that the applicant will not call back because they have most likely walked into numerous dealerships and were denied auto credit approval already.

Best time to reach an applicant:


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