4 Best Advantages of Virtual BDC and Lead Verification

For dealerships, a lead is a person who shows interest in buying a car or a contact with a potential customer, managed and engaged by a virtual BDC. Dealerships look forward to generating as many leads as possible, to make more sales.

With that being said, leads are only a piece of information that is only valuable if it leads to a sale. Without a Business Development Center, which helps convert online customers into dealership visitors, leads have little value.

However, it may likely be that dealership BDCs are struggling with internet leads. They are preoccupied with chatting, making outbound calls, handling them, and receiving incoming sales calls.

In an interview with Brad on Fixed OPS Digital, Scott Davis stated, “The 3 major issues with BDCs include too many data sources, outdated manual processes, and desk phones.” To summarize his interview, he means to say that there are only so many tasks that the team can handle, and that is understandable. However, this will result in many overlooked potential customers resulting in lost opportunities.

virtual bdc happily assisting dealerships with their leads

1. Helping Hand

This is where the Virtual BDC and lead verification come in. We provide a helping hand to the existing Business Development Center in your dealership and make sure that all interested, prospective buyers are well attended to and transferred to your dealership.

We make sure that all you deal with are prospects looking for a vehicle or we replace that lead with a new one. AutoLeadPro VActive is your specialized virtual BDC who will assist and work with you to generate more sales.

2. Saves Time

Although leads are defined as potential customers, it is not guaranteed that all of them will buy. The most common problem associated with leads is the validity of the applicant’s information.

Oftentimes dealerships spend both, valuable time and money, chasing an applicant only to find:

  • Disconnected or incorrect phone number
  • The customer never applied for a loan
  • Applicant already purchased a vehicle
  • Application completed obtaining a prize or reward

By calling, texting, and emailing every lead, the VActive Virtual BDC eliminates dealerships’ wasted time calling all these leads themselves. When we get a live person on the phone, we transfer it to the dealership and send a text message including the time (to call leads back) when the dealership missed a call with the applicant.

VActive Virtual BDC is your dealership’s frontline. They verify each lead first before it reaches the dealership. As a result, your valuable time can be spent on other tasks.

3. More chances of winning sales

With the rising number of bad credit auto leads, especially after the pandemic hit, more people are interested in special financing. When your dealership offers special finance, you have more prospective buyers on the way, and working with AppleConnect helps you throughout the entire process!

Through their innovative VActive Technology, they verify active phone numbers and email addresses. Text messages are generated and calls are made to connect with prospects. They also replace leads that don’t respond with new ones, hence, better chances of successful sales!

4. Follow up

It’s not easy to get in touch with a lead and the timing is very sensitive as consumers with bad credit tend to shop with multiple companies and make quick decisions.

VActive Virtual BDC makes sure to reach out and call leads with whom you have not connected. They also make sure to follow up on leads that have missed a call and they also send text messages and email to deliver all qualified leads to you.

In addition, they follow up with the applicants who miss appointments with the dealership and try to reschedule.

Virtual BDC will assist you!

All these advantages are made possible for you by AutoLeadPro. Our innovative VActive Live-Transfer is proven to help dealerships overcome one of their greatest obstacles– getting an applicant on the phone and scheduling an appointment. All of these made it easy for your In-house Business Development Center to make sure that strong leads are taken care of.

AutoLeadPro, an AppleConnect company, is one of the most innovative lead generation providers and Marketing Agencies.  We offer targeted subprime auto leads or special finance auto leads in real-time and in your AOI with customers who are verified and ready to buy.

Car sales professionals will benefit from our special finance leads by spending less time chasing leads and more time selling to the ideal new car and used car customer.

After a lead is generated, it is checked by our verification team. The verification process helps to identify and eliminate a bad lead before it reaches the dealership. This ensures that the dealership receives only qualified applicants and eliminates wasted time spent calling bad leads.

If we connect with a live applicant during the verification process, an AutoLeadPro VActive representative will transfer the applicant directly to the dealership to schedule an appointment.

On average, we have experienced a 70% connection rate. The live transfer process is proven to get more applicants through the door and help dealerships to sell more cars. Call AutoLeadPro for the most reliable leads at (888) 393-3071.


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