BDC Techniques

Working the leads

Auto Lead pro provides the highest quality leads in the current market. However, there are still many techniques in which we have found that will help increase the close ratio.When calling a lead as a franchise dealer, it’s best to call from a private phone number or leave a call back number that is not through the dealership. We have found that the applicant looking for a vehicle sometimes gets turned off if they call back the number and it is a dealership. For example, Andy is looking for a used Honda, and when he calls back the dealership answers: John Jay Toyota. There is a strong chance Andy will hang up the phone and never reply to your message. This is due to the perception that Andy thinks you only have Toyotas available. Another example, Andy filled out an application from Auto Lead pro’s website, Apple Auto Loan and is expecting a call from that website. However, Johns Auto Outlet calls back and leaves a message. There is a small chance that the applicant will not call back because they have most likely walked into numerous dealerships and were denied for auto credit approval already. Your dealership has a department (special finance) which makes a major difference and should be taken advantage of when attacking the leads. Auto Lead pro gives full permission and strongly encourages you to leave a message as “Apple Auto Loan.” When the applicant calls back, simply let them know that you are from a local location in which you have a variety of vehicles that the applicant is pre-qualified for.

After calling a lead and leaving a message, it is important to call the applicant right back for a second time. By calling the same number back right away it increases your chances of getting the applicant on the phone by 50%. When an applicant sees an unknown number twice they will think it is important and will answer the second call.

Take advantage of the contact options provided by Auto Lead pro. If you have left a voice mail and called back again with no success, call the work number provided and try to get them there, or leave another message. You can also email the applicant with a pre-qualified letter (If needed, Auto Lead pro can provide you with a template). Best time to reach an applicant:Monday-Saturday: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM 6:00 AM-9:00 PM Sunday: 5:00 PM- 9:00 PM Auto Lead pro Leads Inc. 626 Rexcorp Plaza #6778 Uniondale NY 11556 1.888.393.3071

Leads Calling Script

Hi, this is __________ calling from Apple Auto Loan. We specialize in getting consumers with credit issues into a vehicle of choice. We received your online application and have a pre-qualified offer waiting for your approval. Please call me back as soon as possible to set up an appointment at one of our credit centers in your area. We offer a large selection of new/used vehicle and are successful in getting consumers into cars. Once again, my name is _________ from Apple Auto Loan and my number is ____________. Thank you and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

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