Why a Multi-Dealership Franchise Struggled with Profitable Conversions?

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Case Studies

They used two main sources to drive traffic: Google PPC & Facebook Marketing. Though they successfully drove traffic, the overall cost per conversion was not where it should have been. How did we help?

We began with a strategy to learn more about their internal process. We started by investigating the “lead” or prospect’s experience after inquiring via the ad. During the process, we located several inconsistencies. Most prominent was the fact that although the staff was very prompt in contacting the new prospect, their follow-up process lacked several key components and usually did not extend past a few days.

We found that the average lead converted from the first contact alone was less than 3%. Given the store was also understaffed, we devised a re-marketing strategy that would help get the abandoned shoppers back.

Our strategy further incorporated an end-user experience based on the location on the website the person visited, and then placed a dollar value on that visit. For instance, we determined that a person who called in was more eager to get immediate questions to an answer, but wasn’t assigned a high value because they were either price shopping or collecting data. In contrast, people who filled out the contact form showed more intent on actually buying a vehicle. We also learned those same buyers were more inclined to do their due diligence. This allowed us to establish a proper bid strategy for re-marketing.

We also created a Dynamic Marketing approach that gave buyers more information about the vehicle to determine if that was the car they wanted to inquire about. As a result, inquiry rates were lowered and conversions were raised.

Finally, we examined conversions as related to the Ad Group Level of Keywords. We found many of the high-value keywords were not leading to conversions, resulting in wasted ad dollars spent. We devised a strategy that would allow us to find broad keywords that would drive conversion. After careful examination, we found an additional 1800 Keywords. The result, was 45% increase in buyer intent and an overall increase in ROI of 380%.


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