With SPOTLEADS all Car Leads are

    Ready to Buy! 100% Exclusive Verified

 SPOTLEADS New and Used Car Leads program is short form applications of prospects who are ready to buy ON-THE-SPOT. These loan applicants submit a shorter, more streamlined application and fall into ALL credit rating categories. Lead verification is near immediate 24/7. This guarantees that all of the Car leads we deliver is a prospect looking for a vehicle or we will replace that lead with a new one


Fast Auto Sales with SPOTLEADS

SPOTLEADS New and Used Car leads are generating  exclusive special finance automotive leads through targeted marketing and custom websites.

Live Transfer of customers direct to your dealership.
Our Voice Active (VActive) team will call, text and email each lead before it is sent to you. This process allows us to identify any bad Car leads and replace them with new ones. We will continually call throughout the month to reach as many live applicants as possible. When we have an applicant on the phone, we will live-transfer them directly to your dealership to set up an appointment.

*Premium Car Leads in Real Time

  • Digital Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Network of Websites

Our innovative VActive Live-Transfer is proven to help dealerships overcome one of their greatest obstacles… getting an applicant on the phone and scheduling an appointment.

After a lead is generated, it is checked by our verification team. The verification process helps to identify and eliminate bad car lead before it reaches the dealership. This ensures that the dealership receives only qualified applicants and eliminates wasted time spent calling bad car leads. If we connect with a live applicant during the verification process, an Apple Connect representative will transfer the applicant directly to the dealership to schedule an appointment.

On average, we have experienced a 70% connection rate. The live transfer process is proven to get more applicants through the door and help dealerships to sell more cars.