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Apple Connect is designed to pinpoint shoppers and build rapport while they are in the decision phase of their purchase process.  When we connect with a live applicant during the verification process, an Apple Connect representative will transfer the applicant directly to your dealership to schedule an appointment.

We also use cutting edge technology to target car buyers through our AUTOCREDIT APPROVAL Website network and digital marketing.

Our Special Finance Solution

We Work With You

AutoLead Pro will work with your dealership throughout the entire process! This includes calling any and all leads that have not connected with your dealership. Additionally, we guarantee that every lead is a prospect looking for a vehicle or we will replace the lead with a new one.

Every dealership gets a free CRM tool with startup.

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Subprime Lead Generation

AutoLeadPro has been working with dealers to sell more cars for more than 10 years. Our team is drawn from Automotive Industry professionals with decades of experience in all areas of automotive dealership operations.

We have risen to the top of automotive lead providers primarily because of our philosophy and belief that there is no such thing as a “better lead.” In simple terms a lead is simply a piece of information. What determines its viability are two key factors: how strong the dealership’s Special Finance Program is and how many leads we can get on the phone to set up an appointment.

Our goal is to LIVE-TRANSFER 60-70% of applicants to ensure a much higher dealership ROI is achieved.

Fourth month free when you subscribe to our 3-month LeadGenPro Package. Contact us for details.

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