Our team has over 20 years of experience in generating and cultivating existing subprime auto leads.
We pride ourselves on being pioneers and leaders in the subprime auto leads industry.

Subprime Auto Leads Experts

Subprime Auto Leads Experts

Auto Lead Pro has been generating special finance auto leads for the automotive industry. Our mission is for our dealership customers to sell more cars. We have been successfully achieving our goals for the last 10 years. Our team is drawn from Automotive Industry professionals with decades of experience in all areas of automotive dealership operations.

We have risen to the top of automotive lead providers primarily because of our philosophy and belief that there is no such thing as a “better lead.” In simple terms, a lead is simply a piece of information. What determines its viability are two key factors: how strong the dealership’s Subprime Auto Leads Program is and how many leads we can get on the phone to set up an appointment.

Our goal is to LIVE-TRANSFER 60-70% of applicants to ensure a much higher dealership ROI is achieved.

Auto Lead Pro’s Special Finance team works with your dealership throughout the entire program calling leads again and again until we have amassed a significant amount of LIVE-TRANSFERS or determined we need to replace non-responsive leads with new ones.

Our Verification Team will verify each lead before it is sent to you. This eliminates prospects with disconnected phones and or not truly serious buyers in the market.